Saturday, July 14, 2007

4 places your kisses count most

When it comes to kissing, the man who seems to have all the time in the world has exactly the right idea. At the beginning of a relationship, you want to reveal your tender, creative, passionate side. The kiss is the embodiment of all these wonderfully seductive qualities. It can't be hurried, or delayed, or — god forbid — avoided. Kissing is an essential part of romance. Arguably the best part... unless we're talking shared crème brulee by candlelight. Anyway, women like a man who knows how to use his mouth — for great conversations and other pursuits. But don't focus only on our lips, gentlemen. We loved the first kiss, the second kiss and the good night kiss. Now show us what else you've got... and maybe we'll return the favour.

The hinges:
Seems so simple, yet many a feminine inner elbow and back of knee are going without masculine ardour. The soft skin in these areas is extremely sensitive and perfect for kissing. I recommend a gentle brush of lips that only linger for a second or two.

The hands:
A kiss on the back of a woman's hand is a Victorian formality that is, unfortunately, going the way of the dodo. That's a shame, because a little attention in this perfectly innocent spot can start a thrilling chill. There's no need to stick with convention when you reach for her hand, however. The palms and fingers deserve a little attention too. Remember, our hands work hard. They deserve a loving touch when we least expect it.

The neck:
The coup de grace of all kissing spots, a woman's neck should be kissed often, and for lengthy periods of time. It is an essential part of any man's kissing repertoire. Start with the jaw line and move to the collarbone, leaving a trail of kisses in your wake. Settle in for a long winter's night at the back of the neck and top of the shoulder. This is a place where you can vary your kissing style, from chaste to deep and everything in between. Go on … don’t be shy!

The ear:
On your journey from the neck back to the lips, take a little detour and visit the ear. Proceed with caution because not everybody is an ear-kissing enthusiast. The earlobe is a safe place to start. Be gentle and whisper some sweet nothings while you're in the neighbourhood. This little map is anything but complete, as just about any spot of skin is a great place for a kiss: Wrist, shoulder, eyelid, knuckle — why not? Women will instantly relax and warm up to a man that understands how to be sensual. Whether you met your lady last week or have been married to her since Harold Wilson was at number 10, get those lips moving.

Just remember to go brush your teeth (or dentures) first!

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