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Prescription medicine and erection problems

A number of medicines are associated with erection problems (erectile dysfunction). Let your doctor know if you are taking any of these medicines. If they are affecting your ability to have an erection, your doctor may be able to modify the amount you take or find an alternative.

Medicines with a high incidence of causing erection problems include:

- Clomipramine hydrochloride (Anafranil), which is used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. - Flutamide (Eulexin), which is used to treat prostate cancer.
- Leuprolide acetate (Lupron), which is used to treat prostate cancer.
- Naltrexone hydrochloride (Trexan), which is used to treat alcohol dependence.

Other medicines can cause erection problems.

Examples of medicines that can cause erection problems

High blood pressure reduction
· amlodipine (such as Norvasc)
· atenolol (such as Tenormin)
· clonidine (such as Catapres)
· methyldopa (such as Aldomet)
· metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol XL)
· nifedipine (such as Adalat, Adalat CC, Procardia)
· propranolol (such as Inderal)

· acetazolamide (such as Diamox)
· chlorothiazide (such as Diuril)
· chlorthalidone (such as Thalitone)
· hydralazine (such as Apresoline)
· hydrochlorothiazide (Carozide, Diaqua)
· hydrochlorothiazide and metoprolol (such as Lopressor HCT)
· spironolactone (such as Aldactone, Spironol)
· triamterene (such as Dyrenium)

· amitriptyline (such as Elavil, Endep, Vanatrip)
· citalopram (such as Celexa)
· escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro)
· fluoxetine (such as Prozac, Sarafem)
· fluvoxamine (such as Luvox)
· imipramine (such as Tofranil)
· isocarboxazid (such as Marplan)
· nortriptyline hydrochloride (such as Aventyl HCl, Pamelor)
· paroxetine (such as Paxil)
· phenelzine (such as Nardil)
· sertraline (such as Zoloft)
· tranylcypromine (such as Parnate)

· chlorpromazine (such as Thorazine)
· fluphenazine (such as Permitil, Prolixin)
· haloperidol (such as Haldol)
· perphenazine (such as Trilafon)
· risperidone (such as Risperdal)
· thioridazine
· thiothixene (such as Navane)

· estrogens
· luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogues (such as Zoladex, Lupron)

· gemfibrozil (such as Lopid)
· niacin (such as Nicolar, Nicotinex)

· carbamazepine (such as Carbatrol, Epitol, Tegretol)
· phenobarbital (such as Solfoton)
· phenytoin (such as Dilantin)

· digoxin (such as Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin)

Ulcers and heartburn treatment
· cimetidine (such as Tagamet)
· famotidine (such as Mylanta AR, Pepcid)
· metoclopramide hydrochloride (such as Reglan)
· nizatidine (such as Axid AR, Axid Pulvules)
· ranitidine (such as Zantac)

Other medicines that may have an effect on erections include medicines for:

- Hepatitis C or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), such as interferon alfa-2a or recombinant (Roferon-A).

- Parkinson's disease, such as levodopa (Sinemet).

- Nausea and vomiting, such as prochlorperazine (Compazine) and promethazine (Phenergan, Promethegan).

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