Sunday, October 28, 2007

Top Ten Long-Haul Honeymoon Hotspots

Getting married any time soon? If you're in need of ideas for a honeymoon destination, look no further: here are the ten most popular long-haul spots for newlywed couples, as rounded up by luxury holiday specialists Destinology. And if you're not fortunate enough to be tying the knot, just find some other excuse to splash out and head for one of these tropical paradises...

1. Maritius

Topping the list, the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" offers a hatful of stunning beaches, is a manageable size and has a broad range of luxury hotel options.

2. The Maldives

Low-lying, low-key and surrounded by some of the planet's clearest and bluest waters, the Maldives remain a popular choice for UK couples.

3. Dubai

Up-and-coming Dubai is making its mark as a honeymoon destination thanks to a superb climate, golden beaches and impressive shopping and nightlife options.

4. Koh Samui

Whether you want to kick back and have a quiet time or party til dawn on the beach, this idyllic Thai island will cater to your needs.

5. Langkawi

Beautiful, laid-back Langkawai (part of Malaysia) is a verdant and enigmatic island with ancient rainforests and mountains leading down to white sand beaches.

6. Barbados

A perennial favourite with UK travellers, Barbados has it all; excellent weather, picture-perfect beaches, charming towns and villages and a beautiful green interior well worth exploring.

7. St. Lucia

The much-photographed twin peaks of St Lucia provide a stunning backdrop to your Caribbean honeymoon. Scuba dive, take a horse-ride on the beach or just chill at a fantastic hotel resort.

8. Krabi

One of the less well-known places on our list, Krabi is a delghtful island on Thailand's Andaman coast, offering beautiful beaches, sheltered coves and secluded mangrove forests and waterfalls.

9. Sri Lanka

Continuing to grow in popularity, Sri Lanka offers fine beaches and fascinating culture. It may not be as developed as some Indian Ocean islands but has many first-class beach hotels to pick from.

10. Las Vegas

The themed hotels of "Sin City" means you can enjoy a flavour of Venice, Paris, Egypt and other places all in one glitzy modern city. Plus, there's more food than you could ever eat, warm sun nearly all year round, and gorgeous mountain scenery just outside of town.

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