Sunday, October 28, 2007

World's Top Nude Beaches

Sun, sea and stripping off...

If you're the kind of person that feels overdressed in swimwear and you like to bare all when you holiday in the sun, this selection of great nude beaches around the world will be right up your street.

In most corners of the planet you'll find an abundance of excellent beaches where nakedness is fully acceptable; here's our pick of some of the very best...

1) Naked in North America

San Onofre, USA

The only beach in our round-up to be sung about in the Beach Boys's "Surfin' USA", San Onofre is an impressive stretch of sand at San Clemente, California. This is a place where local military forces and nude sunbathers get awkwardly close, for the US Marine Corps have a camp in the area. As the musical connection suggests, it's a prime surf spot too, but catching waves in the altogether is not recommended unless you like stinging sensations and getting berated by macho surfing types.

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Baker Beach, USA

In the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is a mile-long strip of sand just a few moments from the bustle and tourist mayhem of San Francisco's waterfront area. This being America, you have to stay in the official nude area of the beach (stick north of the "Hazardous Surf" sign) or you may get a stern ticking off from officials. It's a lovely beach but not the best spot for prolonged swimming; the water in the Bay is famously cold and there are various shark species milling around, ready to nibble at body parts that intrigue them.
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2) Bare Down Under...

Swanbourne Beach, Australia

This superb beach near Perth, Western Australia, is the site of the annual Australian Nude Beach Olympics, where people turn up to play volleyball, tug-of-war and other beach sports in the buff. It remains a massively popular destination the rest of the year too, with naturists from around the world splashing in the clean water and enjoying the shade provided by sizeable dunes. Making things even more interesting is the fact that a military rifle range sits just beyond the beach; don't stray too close or you may find privates firing at your privates. Strewth!

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3) Naked in Greece

Paleochora and Elefonisi, Greece

On the island of Crete, lovely Paleochora beach has a superb setting, with the sand backing onto trees and then mountains. The northern stretch of beach is where naked folk let it all hang out. Elefonisi meanwhile has a more tropical, almost Caribbean feel to it; water here is crystal clear and though it's not specified as a nudist beach, you'll encounter many a clothes-less bather by the dunes.

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4) In the buff in Britain

Studland Bay, Dorset

It's one of Britain's best-known naturist beaches but Studland Bay is family-friendly too, for the naked and clothed areas are clearly marked out. As well as being a delightfully scenic summer spot for chilling out (naked or otherwise) and enjoying the surrounds, Studland is popular with birdwatchers, who get to spot such rare birds as the Black-necked Grebe. Want more trivia? It's also the place where Coldplay's clever "Yellow" video was filmed.

5) Naked fun in the Mexican sun

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is quite possibly the world's best option if you want to combine an all-inclusive resort holiday, a dash of fascinating cultural attractions nearby and, of course, lots of sunbathing in the buff. There's a glorious little secluded beach (above) or you can be comfortably naked in and around the naturist-friendly Cabanas Copal Hotel just above it. Nearby are stunning Mayan ruins, looming over the blue pacific ocean for one of the country's finest photo opps.

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6) Nude beach fun in Croatia

Valalta, Croatia

This busy Croatian destination is not merely a nude beach but an entire resort situated in a lovely area of fjords. As well as two huge, clean bays for swimming, there's a large pool and sundeck area interspersed with landscaped gardens and olive trees. If you feel like taking a break from all that garment-free sun-worshipping, Croatia remains one of Europe's most popular destinations, with endless scenery and charming towns to explore.

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